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group of sharks swimming

Save 100 million
sharks per year

The dying population of sharks is detrimental because sharks are essential in maintaining a balanced underwater ecosystem. But we're putting a stop to that! (learn more!)

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coral reef conservation

Protect the life
beds of the world

Coral reefs are home to around 70% of ocean-dwelling fish. Protecting them along with sharks is crucial for preserving our marine ecosystems, and we’re doing just that! (learn more!)

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4us ending world hunger

End world

Through building partnerships with local governments, The Hunger Project is committed to bringing sustainable food to those without it by giving communities the tools necessary to grow it themselves! (learn more)

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4us clean water movement

charity water

bring clean water
to those in need

It is estimated that 785 million people lack basic to clean and safe drinking water. Charity water has been helping to fight the water crisis since 2006, and we're joining the fight. (learn more!)

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We Give YOU GET!

25% of profits go towards the above charities. The rest goes towards 4us events, courses, articles, and so many more awesome things!