4 Simple Ways to Make Local Impact


Perfect for the family, simple to do, and entirely affordable. Do these 4 things to make a huge change in your community. Remember, changing the world doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with a couple of people leading by example. When you help your community, you are that example. When you bring others up with you, that is how you sustain real change.

1. Volunteer Your Time

You don't have to fly to far regions of the world to volunteer. PLUS, when you volunteer you get the chance to talk to others about sustainability and its benefits.

Looking for the perfect volunteer idea? Check out these 12 awesome ideas!

2. Shop Local

Big business is the #1 cause of pollution and enviornmental problems worldwide. AND, it destroys local businesses (the families in your community who need support). 

Shopping local is fun, affordable, and even better when you bring your friends!
Looking to stay socially distanced? Keep up with the 4us shop to browse thousands of locally sourced sustainable products! 

3. Be A Mentor/Tutor

Not everyone is gifted with your knowledge. Not everyone has your strength. However, everyone CAN learn from you.

Whether it's at a school, church, rehab, or anywhere, education is the keep to a sustainable future. 

4. Attend Community Meeting and Engage in Local Politics

Local policies are what dictate education and business regulation in the area. While what happens nationally is important, it often doesn't affect our day-to-day life the same way. 

Learn More about why voting locally is so important!

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