4 Simple Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home

Perfect for the family, simple to do, and entirely affordable. Do these 4 things to make a huge change in your home. Remember, changing the world doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with a couple of people leading by example.

1. Cut back on single use cups, utensils, and food containers.

This includes paper and plastic cups, thin disposable plastic lunch containers, and disposable plastic-ware. There are sooo many reusable alternatives for all of these products that it's a super easy transition to make!

2. Use reusable bags for ALL types of shopping!

You may already use reusable shopping bags for your grocery shopping, in which case - THANK YOU!! If you don’t, we promise that it is a great habit to start. We challenge you to start using reusable bags for more than just grocery shopping to really step up your sustainability game!

PRO TIP: Keep one or two reusable bags in your car, so you’ll always have them on you when you need them!

3. Reduce paper receipts, mail, and magazines

Paper receipts, mail, and magazines have more and more email alternatives every year. It is such a simple way to reduce paper waste that we recommend everyone make the switch. Plus, for those of you out there who aren’t super organized (we are right there with ya!!) it is way harder to lose an email than a paper receipt. 😉

4. Shop at second hand stores - and start donating clothes of your own that are in good condition!

Purchasing second hand items helps keep those items out of landfills. Check out your local thrift shops to see what second hand goods you can find! You should also donate clothes and home goods of your own that are in good condition instead of throwing them away 😊

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