5 Great Ways to Go Green With Your Workout Routine

Save the World While Getting Big! All you have to do is follow these small tips.

Simple, affordable, good for you, and good for the planet. These 5 things to make a huge difference in the ecological impact of your daily workout. Remember, changing the world doesn’t happen overnight. It happens via starting small, keeping consistent, and sharing your experience while leading by example.

1. Bring your own water bottle to reduce plastic consumption

When it comes to sustainability, look to REUSE as much as possible. This eliminates the carbon footprint of the manufacturing and transportation of what you're buying.

Looking for some ideal water bottles? Check these out! 

2. Buy things such as clothes, shoes, towels and yoga mats from environmentally conscious brands that use sustainably sourced materials

3. Take a shorter shower after your workout

Shorter showers = less water wasted. Also, take colder showers to reduce your carboon footprint (and feel amazing after a sweaty workout).

4. Switch it up and work out in nature or at home a few days a week

This saves gas and helps you avoid burning out.

5. Eat more plant-based meals

If you know anything about the food chain, you know each level only gets 10% of the nutrients from the level below it. This is why eating vegetables is so essential to staying balanced.

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