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Each one of us shapes the future every day. Is what you’re doing making an impact?

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Our goal is to provide the knowledge, tools, and resources needed such that every person who follows along with taking the pledge can be doing their part in guaranteeing a sustainable and positive future 4 all of Us!


The story of how 4us was born is quite an interesting one. We came up with the idea for 4us after our original Instagram account, a shark-awareness account called “amazing sharks” was hacked at 90,000 followers. So much hard work had been lost, but this brought forth an even better idea:

What if we build up a platform that this time focuses on things that everyone can do to help build a better future altogether.

We realized most people live very busy lives, and even if they have the money to help out, most of them don’t know where to start or are unsure of the results their impact will have.

Thus we found our mission – to make it simple and easily accessible for everyone to help build a better world!

Our Impact

Amazing Charities

We donate 25% of our profits from each sale to charities which make a real impact. 

Engage Resources

Take little steps each day to make a big impact. Free and fresh every week, and so much more…

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Helped Daily

Actions speak louder than words. See first-hand how our actions have helped others!

Laike Jowers

Hi I'm Laike, president and Co-Founder of 4us. I love volunteering my time and interacting with the amazing people 4us has brought together. I'm huge into surfing, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Want to say hi?

Reece Jowers

Hi I'm Reece! Creative Director and Co-Founder of 4us (and Laike's brother). I'm huge on eating healthy and maintaining a balanced body and mind. I'm also super into music. Check some out or come say hi!