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This week we’re highlighting someone who demonstrates just that. Her name is Alexandria, and through the simple actions she is taking she has seen a dramatic decrease in the trash she’s thrown out.

See For Yourself In Her Post…

“PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: I realized something crazy this morning while listening to the dump truck coming… I started my journey a few months ago, and in my house (TX) we used to not recycle or compost. We just didn’t. Well, having moved to the country, I started doing both but we still had about 8 13gallon size bags WEEKLY going to the landfill. After researching some things, I changed our patterns to live more sustainably. This morning, I realized I only had 2 bags of trash, FOR THE LAST 2 WEEKS! I’m super happy in the progress I’ve made, and I can’t wait to do more!

– Alexandria


  • Most of us are normalized to the thought of simply taking out the trash without paying attention to how much of it we actually produce. What broke that cycle for you?
    • We bought some land and it is breath-taking to wake up and see just grass and trees, listening to the birds chirp. One day I was talking with a girlfriend who grew up in the area and asked her about this awful smell that I couldn’t pinpoint but wasn’t always there. She said it was the dump not far and that the original plan for it was that the trash would be buried to avoid the smell but so many people were dumping that the county couldn’t keep up. I didn’t want to add to the mess and wanted the smell to stop.
  • Have you always been interested in eco-conservation? What got you into it in the first place? Do you involve your family in this, and if so how has their response been to it?
    • Not really. I lived in Germany as a kid and over there, there are strict rules about what is trash, recycle, and compost. We paid attention to rules to avoid a ticket but not to be eco-friendly. A lot of my patterns I learned as a child were more so out of saving/not wasting money so I wanted to keep in time with that but also just be a part of the world in a friendlier way. Thankfully, my husband is willing to comply with these changes, since I do the food shopping and my parents are slowly adjusting to how I’d prefer to be gifted, less on trinkets and more so with usable items, like cleaning or new zero-waste items I’d like to try out.
  • In those eight bags, what were some of the most thrown out items/the items that produced the most rubbish?
    • Food waste, easily. A lot of plastic and leftovers that just weren’t eaten. 
  • What did you do to reduce the amount of bags so drastically? Was it hard to make this change? Did it take a long time to implement?
    • I change from buying a bunch of snacks to making my own in reusable containers. I now go to the store once a week for fresh produce that isn’t packaged to reduce the waste of plastic and reduce food waste that hadn’t been eaten in time. It wasn’t hard nor took any additional time, just a change of mind and when I would be met with some resistance, I just showed the price difference of the shopping lists.
  • Do you believe the actions you’re taking can be reproduced by other people? If so, what would be the most important advice/tips you would give to someone looking to take such actions themselves?
    • Absolutely! Anyone can actively choose to make most of their needs from scratch vs pre-made. By choosing less packaging, anyone can reduce their waste. There are SO many DIY recipes on the internet for at-home composting, finding recycling plants in your area or not too far or even a neighbor with the like-minded goals to help! LOADS of food can be frozen and meal prepped for later. You just have to voice to yourself you WANT to do this. The best advice I could give is one my father taught me as a child, is that leaders lead by example. It can be frustrating that you’re making all these changes and learning all these reasons why it’s important to be doing them and watching others just doing the same things as before and making a larger mess but if you’re just going to scream and yell at people about the changes they should make, no one will listen. Instead, show them what you’re doing and HOW MUCH MONEY YOU’RE SAVING. No matter the reason THEY start being better about waste, EVERYONE understands with their wallet. And, when you can, gift with reusable items. At work, people love my beeswax wraps, so I started DIYing some as gifts for them.

As you can see, it’s not about making drastic changes. It’s about doing small things each day and encouraging others to do the same. When we work together that’s where the big impact happens.

Don’t be a part of the Bystander Effect, don’t assume others will make the impact you want to see.

A Special Thanks to Alexandria for all she is doing and allowing us to feature her in this article!

Meet A Hero is a 4us segment put together to bring recognition to those doing both small and big things in their communities, resulting in a big impact. Want your story shared? Reach on out!

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